"That little ol' duck call from Texas"

  • Quack Shack Duck Call Sound File mp3.mp30:47

The QUACK SHACK's OUTLAW & LOCO COCO are a duck hunter's dream.  These calls produce quacks, feed chuckles, Cajun squeals & hail calls with ease.  Both the OUTLAW & LOCO COCO are manufactured on a CNC machine to the highest standards, and each one is hand tuned to produce the exact sound of a raspy mallard hen.  The short barrel design makes these calls extremely responsive while requiring minimal air pressure to operate.  The oversized, longneck beer bottle lip on the calls makes for comfortable calling with no mouth fatigue.

Our OUTLAW's are made of hand picked acrylic in various colors, while our LOCO COCO's are made from only the finest Cocobolo wood.